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What is the LifeBox case?

The LifeBox case for iPhone 5 is the smartest case made for the smartest phones!

  • Ultra-slim and lightweight design
  • Unique combination of materials that will not stick to your pocket
  • Protects against every-day hazards-full MIL-STD 810F-516 rating against water and dust, and designed to Military
  • Ability to swim and take underwater (2 meters/6.6ft depth). Optional adapter allows use of waterproof headphones underwater
  • Double AR-coated optical glass lenses provide unprecedented crystal-clear photo and video quality
  • High degree of shock and impact protection-tested to Military Specifications MIL-STD-810F-516 (2 meters/6.6ft drop on all surfaces and edges. 26 tests)
  • Fully sealed protection against minute dust particles
  • All phone features are operational while maintaining a high level of protection
  • Compatible with all iPhone 5's ( AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and International carriers).


Do you have to take your iPhone out of the LifeBox case to charge it?

The LifeBox case allows you to conveniently charge your iPhone 5 by simply opening the charge port door. The charge port door allows the Lightning cable to plug in without having to take the device out of the LifeBox case.


How do I take a photo or video underwater?

Although your LifeBox device's touchscreen won't work underwater (due to the nature of capacitive touch technology), it's still really easy to take a photo or video underwater (though you'll need to be in the camera app before you submerge the phone).

When you're ready to take a photo (or start or stop recording a video), simply press the volume-up button on the side of the case.


What does the warranty cover?

A copy of the warranty can be found on our Policies and Warranties page.


The ports on the inside of the case look different. Is this normal?

Absolutely! Holding the front case assembly with the front away from you, you will see that the two ports look different.

The one on the left is for the iPhone's speaker and the one on the right is for the iPhone's microphone. As the speaker and microphone serve two different functions, the construction is different.

Also, the speaker port has a mesh that may or may not have a slight indentation in it. This is completely normal and simply a result of the manufacturing process.


Will the iPhone get too hot inside the LifeBox Case?

The LifeBox Case is designed to allow heat from the iPhone to easily pass through. The thermal resistance of the cases is very low in order to provide excellent heat dissipation. In fact, it transmits heat better than just about any gel or silicon standard case and certainly much better than other ruggedized cases.


What temperatures can LifeBox Cases operate in?

LifeBox Cases have been tested to extreme temperatures, but it is recommended that you adhere to the same operating temperature requirements that the manufacturer has suggested for the iPhone: -20°C to 45°C / -4°F to 113°F


What is the total depth that a LifeBox protected iPhone can be submerged underwater?

You should not exceed a depth of 6.6 feet or 2 meters.


How can you still hear the device when the speakers are covered by the LifeBox case?

One of the many LifeBox features are that the case distributes sound around the device, making the whole device a resonator. This allows for great sound distribution from the device itself throughout the LifeBox case.

How big a drop can my LifeBox protected  iPhone safely survive?

We have tested to a height of 2 meters (6.6 ft) onto smooth concrete with satisfactory performance, but we cannot guarantee that LifeBox products will protect against all impacts from varying heights and surfaces.

Will the charge port door wear out over time?

The LifeBox charge port door will last 10,000 cycles. That is about 10 years if you open and close the charge port door three times a day!  We are here to protect you!


Is picture or video quality affected by the LifeBox case?

The LifeBox case uses a double anti-reflective coated optical glass lens which provides unprecedented crystal-clear photo and video quality and will not hinder the picture or video taking qualities of the device itself.

How can I trust that my LifeBox case is really waterproof?

Each case is depth tested to 3 meters (10 feet) at the factory. You are instructed to perform a water test on your LifeBox case without your iPhone first to give yourself the confidence that the case works as expected and that you are closing it correctly.

There's a slight gap between the two halves of my LifeBox case. Is this normal?

Yes, this is perfectly normal! The waterproof protection of the LifeBox case comes from the O ring that runs around the iPhone and is clamped between the two halves. While it is important that this O ring is kept clean and clear, the safety of the device is not affected by the gap on the outside of the two case halves.


Can I use a screen protector on my device while having my LifeBox case on my device?

LifeBox cases have a durable and scratch resistant screen cover for your device, which also has an anti-glare coating. We do not advise any additional screen protectors placed on the device because it may negatively affect the touchscreen sensitivity as well as the optical clarity of your device.

Are LifeBox Cases compatible with add-ons like the Apple bumpers or the ZAGG InvisibleShield?

LifeBox Cases are created with dimensions to specifically fit the device itself. Products that change the dimensions of the LifeBox case would not be compatible with our case.

While the Zagg InvisibleSHIELD does not affect the dimensions of the iPhone, it introduces a thin layer over the screen which, when coupled with the LifeBox case, may affect touchscreen sensitivity as well as the optical clarity. For this reason it is not recommended that you use an InvisibleSHIELD with your LifeBox case - the case will keep your phone more than safe enough!

How does the camera and flash work on my LifeBox protected device?

The LifeBox case has windows for your camera and LED flash to come through while still remaining completely LifeBox. The camera is covered by a professional camera grade glass lens with double coated optics to ensure that you experience no distortion to your photos.


Is the LifeBox case for iPhone 5 compatible with various carriers such as AT&T, Verizon or Sprint?

Yes, the case is compatible with all US and International versions and carriers of the iPhone 5.

This includes Model A1428 (GSM), Model A1429 (CDMA) and Model A1429 (GSM).